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AccuRadio (“Better radio for your workday”) offers over 975 expertly-curated channels of rock, pop, R&B, jazz, country, classical, pop standards, Broadway, Christmas music, world music, and more, targeting an upscale, educated, at-work P35-64 demographic.  AccuRadio is America’s fastest-growing music-based webcaster according to the past six months (January-June 2015) of Triton ...

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Ali Scott
812-339-1195 x204

Former head of product of NextRadio Ben Husmann joins AccuRadio as COO

AccuRadio has hired experienced radio and tech executive Ben Husmann as its COO to spearhead its next phase of growth. As SVP Product for NextRadio, Husmann led the product and engineering teams to introduce innovative FM radio consumer apps and B2B content management and broadcast radio attribution solutions. 

“I’m thrilled to get to lead the product team in this exciting time,” says Husmann. “We are expanding AccuRadio’s capacity and features, so that more people can listen in more places.”

His music product expertise and passion for listener-centered design will drive new development and growth of the next generation upgraded and updated version of the AccuRadio platform. The new platform will be able to support more listeners, each with their own unique listening experience and be better optimized for listening on mobile, smart speakers, and in car.

"Ben is the perfect COO for AccuRadio,” says AccuRadio founder and CEO Kurt Hanson. “His strong design skills, familiarity with the challenges of helping radio launch online products, and years of experience running developer teams make Ben exactly the executive we need to lead us to becoming the most-listenable, lean-back music experience on all emerging platforms."

Created in 2000 by Kurt Hanson, a radio industry expert who wanted to encourage his broadcaster friends to take their stations online, AccuRadio has grown into an easy-to-use radio replacement, curated for “tune in  and leave it on” listening by a team of human music lovers, musicians, and genre experts and adopted by the most upscale and dedicated audience in the industry.